Thursday, November 17, 2011

our texas adventures

Mariachi band.  July 2010.
Kent and I don't share many of the same hobbies.  
I would rather read a book, he would rather watch the movie.
And that's how it goes for many things.

One thing we do share, though, is our love of just going out and
doing stuff.  
He told me the other night that if he ever got rich (haha) he would picture himself 
spending the money not so much on 
big toys and new cars but on outings and vacations and experiences.
And I'm the same way.

So in the 2.5 years we've lived in Texas, we've managed to do and see a lot of stuff.

Here's what I'm going to remember "going and doing" here:
  • Big city concerts--Michael Buble, Brian Reagan, Beauty and the Beast, Josh Groban
  • Favorite restaurants; places we've been again and again and again--Guenther House, La Madeline, Paesanos, Grimauldi's Pizza, Schilo's Deli, Fralo's Pizza, Perico's, Longhorn Steakhouse, Yogurtzone, BJ's Brewhouse, sunshine donuts, Cosi, (and Kent would add HuHot and Chama Gaucha to this list)
  • The Alamo, the Riverwalk, etc.  A few times on our own and once for every time we had visitors from out-of-town.
  • Buying $7 sno cones at the Alamo because we were melting in the heat.
  •  Six Flags. Just once during Kent's internship. 
  • Schlitterbahn.  Also just once, but oh so fun!
  • Sea World
  • Floating the Comal.  Oh how I would have liked to do that one again.  But the drought and my pregnancy meant it just didn't happen this year.
  • Helicopter Tour
  • Natural Bridge Caverns
  • Visited Gruene and the Gristmill
  • Major awesome fireworks for Kent's 25th birthday (before the drought made them banned)
  • Best weekend beach getaway ever to Mustang Island with our friends.
  • Seeing Texas wildflowers in 2010.  (again the drought prevented that this year)
  • Throwing our own Halloween extravaganza
  • Camping in March
  • Going to Austin to visit IKEA, stay the night, and the ill-fated drive home with the kitchen island.
  • Exploring new places to eat.
  • The weekend in the little cabin along the Guadalupe river with the Foulks
  • Poteet Strawberry Festival
  • House projects.  Never-ending house projects.
  • Taking Nicholas to the zoo early this spring. He loved it, and his favorite animals were the gazelles and the tiny monkeys. 
  • Winter Sunday walks in the park. 
  • Hosting our formal Christmas dinner with our friends.
  • Driving through redneck country to see Medina Lake.
  • Getting together with friends at least once a month to have Sunday dinner, play games, watch a movie, celebrate a birthday or obscure holiday, or just plain hang out (usually involving youtube videos or researching Cancun condos). 
Beach getaway--April 2010
We have had the best group of friends here;
I'm still thinking there's got to be a way for us to take them all with us.

Looking at this list, though, I'm pretty sure we'll be able to find all sorts of fun new things to do once we get to Utah.  


    Mike and Alli said...

    Darn you. Good thing I'm not still pregnant or there would be some definite tears occurring about now. But such is life, and I am very happy we've got to have all this fun together the past few years. :)

    Shannon b said...

    well you've definitely squeezed in a lot of experiences during your time in Texas! Right now I'm putting together an outline for a blurb book that I want to make about Oregon. All the places we've visited, and the local spots that have been a part of our everyday life. That way the kids can always remember the Oregon chapter of our lives. :)

    Dallin said...

    We miss you guys already and you're not even gone yet... Let us know if you can squeeze in one last hurrah, even if its just going out to eat one last time downtown or something.

    Lisa Brown said...

    How awesome that you were able to take advantage of all the great things to do there :). Whenever we move somewhere new, we make a list of what we want to do there, and it is so fun to get to cross things off.