Wednesday, November 2, 2011

first (and second) outings

We've taken Ellie out twice now.

The first was last night.  We got a phone call asking if someone could come look at the house.
We have specified showings on Saturdays only,
but no one has come yet...and I didn't want to miss the opportunity.
So although I can't quite get around like I used to,
and although our house looked like it does when you have just arrived home from the hospital,
we did a 40 minute clean-up and got out of the house.

First we went to the park where Nicholas and Daddy played while I nursed Ellie in the car.
Then we went over to the Foulks house to crash for an hour.

We had a nice time, talked about the babies, ate some ice cream, and then came home.

We have two house keys.  One is in the lockbox on the front door.  The other is in the bag that we gave to the friends who watched Nicholas for us, in case they needed to get in for anything.
That bag is in Nicholas's room right now.

Apparently realtors always lock every door when they leave, including the door that goes to the garage.

We were locked out until 10:15 last night, when the locksmith finally arrived and let us in our house.

Luckily we were able to open our garage at least, and Nicholas had more fun than he'd had all day,
running back and forth with the broom, playing with the caulking gun, and climbing around in the car, pretending to drive to Allison's house.

And luckily Ellie is still new, can sleep anywhere, and doesn't weigh much.

Me and Kent, though, we weren't too pleased with the situation.  Standing around (or sitting in the car or on the cement porch steps) for an hour and half isn't the best thing for someone who gave birth only four days earlier. 

But hey, at least this happened now and not in the middle of the summer when it's a billion degrees outside, right?  I suppose if you have to be locked out, last night was a good night for it.

Now, our second outing.  We ventured downtown to the Guenther House this morning/afternoon since it might be Kent's last chance to go before we move to Utah.

It was beautiful.

 Nicholas...well he's a bit crazed right now.  This picture kind of sums up his behavior for the morning.  We're chalking it up to the whole new-little-sister thing, and hoping that it wears off eventually.


Teresa said...

Oh man...locked out...I may of be tempted to break something.... =)
Cute pictures of your little family.

Teresa said...

"Been" Tempted =)

heidi said...

being locked out is no fun! hope Nicholas get's use to Ellie soon for you!

Libby said...

Cute pictures. She is adorable. I can relate. I have been through the whole have a baby, waiting to move, living with parents thing while waiting for a house to be done. It's not fun. Hang in there. Life will be "normal" again soon.

Megan said...

Sounds like things have been a little crazy but I bet you're so anxious to move to Utah! :)