Thursday, November 24, 2011


Our second try at a family picture-the kids were both happier this time.
This Thanksgiving isn't what I had planned.
Months ago, when I invited my family to Texas for Thanksgiving, 
I was picturing a cozy house, decorated so nicely,
lots of time just cuddling the baby,
a table set with all the fancies,
a fun, relaxing week.

Instead, we have a house with bare walls,
a garage full of packed boxes,
house cleaning and readying projects to do this morning (crown molding finishing),
to-do lists, not enough time, and the knowledge that we are leaving our home in less than a week hanging over my head.

when I crawl back into bed in the middle of the night and Kent reaches over to squeeze my hand,
when Nicholas gets down close to Ellie's face and tells her "you so cute!  Yes you do! Yes you do!",
when Ellie falls asleep on my chest,
when I think of how Nicholas doesn't have to say a long goodbye to his grandmas and our families,
and when I think about how I know that my Heavenly Father loves me, and everything is going to be all right,

I am thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 


Creole Wisdom said...

Happiest of Thanksgivings! Life's a ride :) Where did you find those tights? I love them!!!

Teresa said...

You are blessed-
as for not having to say long goodbyes to grandmas....he still has one grammer that still has to say long goodbyes. =)
Travel safe.

Sharlee said...

Cute tights!!!!!

heidi said...

your family photo turned out cute, love your tights.