Monday, May 23, 2011

a little something new

 Baby #2 is due November 5th!

I'm already 16 weeks now--we waited to tell our siblings in person in California a few weeks ago and now here in Utah.  News like this is just so much more fun to tell in person.

We really are very very happy-I can't wait to find out if Nicholas gets a brother or a sister, and then I'll get to start making things, buying things, picking a name, oh hooray!

I felt pretty yucky for a while at the beginning, and poor Nicholas spent a lot of days just watching Blue's Clues and Dora on Netflix (thank heavens for Netflix!) but now, other than the belly and the bizzare dreams, I pretty much feel back to normal.

It seems to be going so much faster this time. 
I have less time to think about it.  I'm less worried about things this time too. 
In fact, we keep saying that we're even more excited this time than we were for Nicholas.
We planned for Nicholas and we wanted him more than anything, but we were scared...there were a lot of things we didn't know.  I feel more confident in myself this time around, and that makes it more fun.

I started feeling baby kick this week--at the Josh Groban concert on Wednesday, actually. 
I'm not sure what that means about the baby's personality.  (A girl that loves Groban?  A boy that was disgusted?  A child of either gender that thinks they can sing better?)
But oh how I love feeling those soft little wiggles.

Somehow writing all of this is making it seem so much more real.  A baby! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

just the two of us

We're home (for now)!  I have lots to tell you about our trip to California, but I am going to start with a big highlight for us:  the four days Kent and I spent in LA. 

Just us. 

Nicholas stayed with his Grammer and Papa.  It was hard for me to leave him--like me crying sobbing as we drove away hard--but I knew he was in good hands, and from the sounds of it, I'm pretty sure he had more fun with them than he ever does at home with us. 

The time that Kent and I got to spend with just each other was worth it, and I hope that we can make these kind of trips happen at least every couple of years.  For us, it was important.

 We stayed in Hermosa Beach, a bit south of LA, because it was much cheaper to get a view like this here than it was in Santa Monica.  Hermosa Beach was so fun.  Lots of little shops and restaurants and beautiful beach homes all along the streets.  And it was nice to be mostly out of the chaos of LA.
We loved our hotel.  So much that we would love to go back there if we ever get a chance. 
This entire California trip was perfect for getting my "beach time" in for the year. 
If I could, I'd spend every weekend at the beach, but since I can't, I try to soak it all in when I can. 

 Obligatory cheesey "shadow couple" picture.

Our itinerary for this trip was to "sleep when we wanted, eat when we wanted, and do whatever else we felt like."
It couldn't have been more perfect.

We slept in until 8!  8:30 one morning, actually.  I haven't slept that late since Nicholas was born. 

We ordered room service, a first for both of us.  We were so excited about having breakfast delivered right to our room; it was like Christmas morning.  Our eyes opened and we jumped up to get the menu and make the call right then and there. 

We spent a day at Universal Studios.  I think the best part of the park was that we didn't have anyone else to take care of and we could watch the shows, go on the rides, and buy candy just because we felt like it.

 May 2011
We ate breakfast at Back on the Beach Cafe, where we ate together when Kent came to visit me when we were dating:

May 2007
We were so happy to be able to meet up with my cousin Sara one afternoon for lunch-we got to see her new house and she let us stay the afternoon and hang out in her gorgeous backyard and use her pool, hot tub, and cozy guest house. We said a quick hi to her kids when they got home from swim practice- I can't believe it's been four years since I was there to help out when her youngest was born.

And because it wouldn't be an Andersen vacation without the food, we took full advantage of being able to go out to eat whenever we wanted.  We ate at a little Italian place in Hermosa, went to the fancy Boa's Steakhouse in Santa Monica, got authentic French crepes late one night, found the most incredible Mexican place right across the street from our balcony at the hotel, and made sure to stop at the famous Diddy Reise for cookie sandwiches on our way out of town.

When we got back to Kent's house, it was so fun to have Nicholas greet us with "Daddy!  Mommy!" and the biggest dimply smile that stayed on his face while he had a snuggle fest with us for the next 45 minutes.  

I definitely think this is something we need to do again.  It was just so so good for us to remember how much fun we have together.  The day-to-day grind makes it hard for me sometimes to see past the routine and remember that I really did marry my best friend, and I'm so lucky to have him.