Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the big brother

Our Nicholas is a big brother now, and all of the sudden,
he seems like a boy, not a toddler.

He's actually been very sweet with Ellie.
There's been a bit of craziness, but mostly just because he's been stuck inside all day every day with a sleep-deprived daddy and a recovering mommy.  He hasn't been aggressive or jealous of least not yet.

First thing in the morning, he looks for Ellie in her little bed, and when he sees her,
he exclaims "There's the baby!" and then he leans in close and talks to her in a high, gentle voice
"Hi baby! Baby cute!"

Nicholas likes to tell us about the baby, referring to her as "him"
"Him does this with him arms!" (showing us how Ellie stretched)
"Him make this noise: squeak!"
"I like him nose and him ears and him eyes and him hair is so cute!"

Our family the night before Ellie was born-our last night as a threesome!

Nicholas was SO excited to go to Allison's house that morning, even though we woke him up pretty early.

Proudly showing off his new big brother backpack.
We're blissfully happy that Ellie is here, and we are loving having time to just be our little family for a week before things start getting crazy. 

Kent is home all this week.  He's kind of taken charge of Nicholas and I take care of Ellie, so we feel like things are going well so far.  
But Kent has to leave for work on Sunday. He'll be gone for two weeks.

His mom arrives on Friday, and I'm beyond grateful. This two kids stuff is fun, but more than a bit insane at times.


Shannon b said...

what a nice big brother. :) And I love your photo of the night before baby's arrival.
Adding another one to the mix is always crazy for a while. But somehow, before you even realize it, everything falls together and just works. I remember being pregnant with Anna and wondering how in the world I was ever going to manage with 3 little ones! It was crazy for a while, but eventually we figured it out, and as you can see today we all survived with our limbs and sanity intact. Although there were many days that was questionable.
Enjoy your quiet, easy, obligation-free week at home!

Teresa said...

what can I say...can't wait to hug both of them.

Jocelyn said...

Love the pic of Nicholas with Ellie. So very cute!

Austin&Heidi said...

Your family is adorable, Becca! Your son is so sweet. I love the "him" name for your baby girl :) Good luck with everything! I'm glad all is well.