Tuesday, November 15, 2011

first bath

We gave Ellie her first bath on Sunday night. 

It took her a bit to get used to the idea, but once she did she calmed right down and enjoyed the warm water.

We set up a space heater in the bathroom to make sure Ellie would be comfortable,
and Nicholas walked in halfway through the bath,
walked around for a minute,
and then said,
"whew! It's hot.  I need to go in the shade!"  
and then he walked around the bathroom, looking for somewhere cooler.  
He just kept repeating it:  "I need to go in the shade!"

It's his Texan survival skills kicking in.

I took Ellie to be weighed today at the doctors. 
Last week they were a bit concerned that she wasn't gaining weight fast enough-they wanted me to start waking her up more at night to feed her.

Last week she had gained 4 oz in one week.
This week she gained 12 oz.

Yeah, I think she's doing just fine.

She's now 8 lbs. 14 oz. and 20 inches long.  She's pretty much grown out of her newborn size clothes already.  I'm so excited-I think she's going to be a chubby one!

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Creole Wisdom said...

I love Nicolas' comment!

Oh my gosh your mom looks young! What nice genes :)