Thursday, March 17, 2016

a boy and the beach

 The ocean in Southern California in March is,
well, not that warm. 
The first afternoon we were there, the kids wanted to go play in the ocean.

Including our little guy. 
 And people, 
this little man would have walked or crawled out to sea if we'd let him. 
 He has no fear, 
and really didn't care one bit that he was shivering and his lips were turning blue by the time we took him inside. 

 Our other kids loved the ocean this time around too, chasing the waves back and forth for as long as us wimpy cold parents could handle it,
but when they were Christian's age? Not a chance they would have loved it this much.
The waves were splashing up in his face, knocking him over, and he just kept walking towards them.
Over and over again.
Laughing and squealing and trying desperately to get away from us pesky parents saving his life holding him back.

This little boy of ours is enthusiasm, energy, and a little bit of crazy.
And gosh we love him!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

andersens in san diego

Also known as: "Our trip to Sandy Ego." (kids are awesome.)

Kent started a new job.
It's basically his dream job. Or rather, his dream project. Imagine the job every teenage boy that plays video games hopes to do someday---working for a company that makes video games that you can live in. Virtual reality gaming. 

Anyway, as interviews were happening, and we realized he'd probably be leaving his previous job, we decided to use up some PTO and take a trip. 
We planned to go to San Diego. About four days later.

We found a house to rent, we invited Kent's parents to join us, 
packed up the car, and we were off.

 We were so so happy that Kent's parents came. The kids were so happy to be with Grammer and Papa for the weekend!

 And that ocean? Just steps away from our back door? 
I'm pretty sure if I lived there I'd never get anything accomplished because I'd be sitting right there on that rock

 Christian started walking just days before this trip, 
and the house we rented was a split-level (read: LOTS of stairs),
so an incredible amount of energy was spent by all four grown-ups just making sure this kid didn't die.

This trip was so perfect. 
Yeah it was crazy at times (particularly driving home with Christian....we ended up stopping halfway and getting a hotel because he was losing it)
but it was exactly what we'd hoped. A time for our family to get away from the day to day and make some happy memories.