Saturday, May 31, 2014


We're heading to San Diego in just over a week.  Kent's family is having a "reunion" (just his parents and all his siblings...but these are the only times that all of us are all together at the same time.)

As part of this reunion, we have a traditional Family Talent Show.  Think, the talent show from Dan in Real Life.   Silly, happy, easygoing fun.

One of my goals for myself that I set on my mommy vacation last month was to learn a new piano piece.  What better motivation than to do it for an actual talent show?

So, I picked a song a couple of weeks ago, and I've been practicing. And practicing. And practicing.  
I may have picked a song just a tad bit too difficult....
BUT, it has been so wonderful to have a reason to practice this hard.  I'm talking at least an hour a day, some days more (which isn't much if you're a real piano performer....but for a mom of very young humans, this is a rather daunting task.)

There are six measures in this song in particular that have been incredibly challenging for me.  
I kinda love it.
I love to feel my brain working, my posture improving (sitting at the piano has always been good for that,) my fingers moving. I actually love the relentless metronome, pushing me forward, no chance for hesitation.  I love to finally be at a point where I know the notes and can work on the musical side.  Phrasing, motion, tension, release.  

I'm still not sure if I'll be ready in time, thankfully I know I'm loved enough that no one will care if it isn't perfect.  (...right?) 
I'm going to need another talent show after this one so I have a reason to keep playing. 


Teresa said...

We will love whatever you do! Happy Day
PS...I'm sure it will be wonderful said...

Best will do great

Shannon Brown said...

You did a FABULOUS job! And I loved the piece you chose. Keep it up! It's time for a mommy recital, right?