Friday, May 30, 2014

Nicholas "graduates"

 Last week was Nicholas's preschool graduation.
I have to admit, I was surprised at how much fun this was for him, and all of us.
At the start, they marched around the room to Pomp and Circumstance, and Nicholas had the proudest perma-grin on his face.  I might have teared up a little bit.  He is adorable.
 Mrs. Redd has been one of the best things that has ever happened to Nicholas.  When he started school a year ago, he was shy, cautious, uncertain of new situations, and had zero interest in learning letters, numbers, or really anything from me.  
In Mrs. Redd's class, he blossomed.  He thrived.  The school environment, the structure, the fun, and the love she so obviously has for her students was exactly what he needed.  
And now? He's reading, guys.  Really truly reading.  It's incredible. 
(And I've learned so very much patience is required in helping an emergent reader. Whew!)

The day after the graduation, they had a little last hurrah at the splash park.  It was kind of windy and chilly that day, so Nicholas and his friends spent their time happily running around on the grass, playing some bad guys/good guys game.  

Up until this year of school, whenever I'd take Nicholas to a playgroup or a friend's house, he'd opt to sit quietly by me, watching the other kids play.  He never felt comfortable actually joining in.
So to see him running wildly, laughing, playing, even sometimes leading, with the kids made my mama heart so very happy.
It's been a great year for my Nicholas.

He's done with Mrs. Redd's preschool, but we're going to be sending him to another preschool for next year.  He's one of those mid-August birthdays....we had the hardest time deciding what to do for him, but we have chosen what feels right for our family; holding him back one year, one year to play and grow and get new experiences, before we start the whole "school" thing feels best for all of us.

And Mrs. Redd better still be teaching in a couple of years, because Ellie is already talking about when she goes to Mrs. Redd's school. ;)


Teresa said...

How adorable! It's times like these that we wished we lived closer.
Happy Day for Nicholas! said...

so happy for Nicholas....

CindyLou said...

My daughter is a late August birthday and we had the hardest time trying to decide whether to hold her out a year or not because she has always been taller then the other kids her age. We decided to hold her out and now as she is finishing 5th grade I can say we still made the right choice foe her. She has THRIVED as one of the oldest in the class academically and in maturity. She is still the tallest in the 5th grade, but she is happy and finding success in school. I think you will find the same for your son. And you will enjoy another year without the pressures of school. Yay! That he is already reading!

Shannon Brown said...

I'm so glad that Nicholas had such a fabulous school year! What great achievements and growth. Just think where he will be next year!