Tuesday, May 20, 2014

flat tire award

Last week was our cub scouts troop's pinewood derby.
I'm in cub scouts (Cub Committee Chair), as my assigned calling for our ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

They asked me to make a cake,
to be given to the boy whose car lost the races. 
A "flat tire award" cake.

I've forgotten a lot of things since my cake decorating class I took in college, 
but I still have fun just being creative and making something with my hands.

Plus, far too much of what I do every day lacks visible progress.
Dishes? Laundry? Feeding the children? Playing with the children? Exercising?
All going to have to be done again tomorrow.

So I'm pretty happy when I get a chance to create something I can actually finish.  

Nicholas was dying to eat this cake.  I took him with me to the derby, and he had a blast. We had to go early so I could help set up, and he was racing around the church gym, dancing to the music, and making instant friends with every person who made eye contact.

After it was over we handed out the awards, and on our way home, Nicholas just kept giggling and saying,
"I can't believe that boy lost and got to take home the cake! I can't believe he lost!"
"Mommy, when I'm a scout, I'm so excited to make a car so I can lose so I can eat your cake."


Shannon b said...

The cake looks fantastic! I'm so glad you guys do the flat tire award. We did too when I was in Cub Scouts and it really does help to make "losing" not that big of a deal and just a fun night for everyone.

Teresa said...

Looks awesome!
Sweet Nicholas =)

Savanah said...

That is too cute. You are so talented and I love that Nicholas can't wait to lose, so sweet!

heidi said...

The cake looks awesome. Nicholas's comment is so funny!