Thursday, May 1, 2014

pre-Easter egg hunt

The Saturday we were in California, we had an egg hunt.
Because we were all there, and Easter was only a week away, so why not?

The kids definitely thought it was a good idea.
I took all my pictures that day with my brand new, first-ever smartphone.  Yes, I've finally entered the modern age, people.

 Grammer explaining the rules of the hunt to the kids.  Each child was able to find one golden egg (with money in it!)

Then, they're off!

 I'm so glad the kids got to see their cousins, even if it was just for the day.  They always play so well--it's fun to see how they love each other, even though we live far away.

 Nicholas had scraped his leg, so he spent a lot of time sitting on this step complaining, holding his pant leg up.
 We spent the rest of the day just being outside, playing, laughing, and eating Heidi's incredible cinnamon rolls.

The kids decided to give the zip-line a go,
and then we spent a good hour zip-lining, each kid going over and over and over again.
 We were so proud of Nicholas. He was brave and decided to try it, and he ended up loving it!
His face, though, was always completely emotion-less until he got off at the end, when he'd pump his fists up and shout
"Woo hoo!"

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Teresa said...

We were so proud of Nicholas too! Adventures are great for the imagination. It was a fun day.