Monday, June 2, 2014

getting it done (or trying to): our backyard

 A few weeks ago, we realized we were ready to be done with the haphazard rock border/weed fest at the back of our backyard.

So we picked up rocks.
Lots and lots of rocks.

On Friday night, we rented a tiller, and Kent got to work.  

And, lucky us, we found....more rocks!

So Saturday morning and evening (gotta work when it's not hot; and yes, my Texas friends, I know "hot" is relative.  But if we can work when it's 73 degrees or when it's 93, we're going to pick 73, okay?) 
we set about finding something to do with
So we moved rocks.

This used to be a waist-high weed garden; the side of our house near where we store our garbage cans, between our house and the neighbor's. We never see this side, but now that it looks good, maybe I'll make a point of it.  Picnic in the alley, anyone?

And then, we moved some more rocks:
 We'll be putting a raised garden bed here, so we left a space for it.
We also added extra rocks to our flower beds in the front and side of our yard.

And after moving rocks all day, we were left with this:

 Hooray, more rocks!   
I just love rocks. 
No. I can't even say that with the slightest convincing enthusiasm.
Rocks are heavy. My thighs hurt. (lift with your legs, you know?)

In the coming weeks, we'll be working little by little because eventually we are hoping to do something like this, or like this.

Good thing we have lots of rocks!

2 comments: said...

looks great! good job

Creole Wisdom said...

ouf! that looks like a TON of work. no wonder you were hurting. and I agree with you... better to work in seventies than nineties!