Monday, May 19, 2014

Nicholas and Ellie Speak

At Maui Chill, one of our family's happy places (frozen yogurt).  They wouldn't even stop chewing long enough to smile for me.  I think Ellie was attempting some sort of happy face back there, but I can't be sure.

Nicholas:  As I put him to bed one night. He looks up at me sweetly, pats my face, and says, "Mom, I trust your judgement. That means I'm not mad at you."

Ellie: Out of the blue while we ate lunch together. "Um, so, Mommy?  Rainbows are very pretty but 'em taste really yucky."

Nicholas: looking at a photo of a baby on the computer: "Is it a boy or a girl baby?"  I told him it was a boy. "Whew! Lucky for him!"
This is the shirt he picked out.  Too bad it doesn't come in orange....

Nicholas: Sighs dramatically while sitting in the shade. "I appreciate this tree for giving us shade today." (what 4-year-old talks like this??)

Ellie: walked up to our friends who were staying in the cabin with us over Spring Break  "I love you guys, and it's time for you to go home now."

Nicholas: Grammer told him how lucky he is to have such a nice mommy and daddy.  "Yep. My mommy is nice and smart, and my daddy is nice and smart, and magic."

Nicholas: "The green otter pops taste like Indians."

And this is why shopping is never dull with these two. I turn around to see this happening behind me.

In my bathroom one morning, Nicholas asked: "Mommy, can I play with the cotton balls? Cotton balls are my favorite!"
Ellie jumped in then. "Can me have money?? Money's mine favorite."

Nicholas: saw a carved wooden bear at Big Trees State Park in California. "I think that bear is trying to be a model."
Ellie: Nicholas wasn't sharing his cookie with her. She fell to her knees, put her hands over her chest, and cried, "Nikus! You break mine heart!"

Ellie: was pretending to "fix" my hand. "The doctor fixed your hand now, Mommy. I fixed your hand. I'm a doctor. I'm Doctor Seuss!"

Nicholas: watching a silly song about bad haircuts. I said, "that's pretty funny. Should I give you a bad haircut?"  Without looking up from the show, he answered, "Nope, Mom. You already did."  I cut his hair last week....


Mike and Alli said...

Ha! Love it! They are so very adorable... and direct. ;)

Teresa said...

This makes me laugh out loud.... They say the cutest things said...

they are glad you are writing all of this down...when they are acting up read some of these

Shannon b said...

Oh my goodness, these are priceless! I love the "moneys my favorite!" and daddy's "magic."

Austin and Heidi said...

Pahaha! What hoots! You're doing a great job, Becca.