Sunday, September 29, 2013

fall colors

We've gone up the past two Sundays to see the fall colors in the canyon.  
It isn't as stunning up there yet as it was last year.  I think we need to try going back one more week.

The first week I was able to get some fun close-ups of pretty leaves, though, while the family waited in the car.  

Thank you, Kent, for humoring me and letting me play with my camera.

We went up again today, and the colors were a bit brighter, but we will be going up again next weekend.  
Because, why not? It's literally in our backyard.
 This time we took up a little snack.  Chips and salsa, and pudding.  Oreo cookies and cream pudding, to be exact. 
Nicholas's "I-love-eating-pudding-on-the-side-of-the-road" face:
Ellie was so busy eating pudding that she wouldn't even look at me.

I never know the best way to end off posts like this.  Kent's suggestion is: 
"And so we took the road less traveled by."
The end.


Shannon b said...

Beautiful! I wish we had scenery like that in our backyard. Lucky.

Teresa said...

Love Fall....Beautiful pictures.

Cindy said...

So pretty. Is that snow on the hill in last one?!

Becca and Kent said...

Cindy, yep! We started getting snow on the mountains just last week. Crazy!

heidi said...

love the ending, love the photos!!

Creole Wisdom said...

How dreamy are those shots!? I love them :) Isn't it wonderful to live somewhere beautiful?