Tuesday, September 17, 2013

how long can it take?

I'm painting my ceiling white. 
Until now it has been the same dark beige as my walls.  I never loved it, but I didn't realize how much I disliked it until I started painting it white.

At first, I only painted a small patch above the dining table, and it mostly just looked like a low-hanging cloud. 
I wasn't sure white was a good idea.  But I talked to some friends who had just painted their ceilings white, and decided to keep going.
As soon as I made it from one wall to the other, it improved drastically. So much more light reflects in my house now-it feels more open and much less, well, beige. 

So I love how it's looking.  The problem with this project, though, is that I can only paint after the kids are in bed.
And I don't know about any of you, but once we push through the hour-or-more-long process of getting these kiddos to bed, I'm generally exhausted.  Painting for the next few hours is at the bottom of the list of things that sound appealing. I'd so much rather just take a bowl of ice cream down to the movie room to watch tv with Kent.

But, Kent has made a deal with me.  If I do all the painting (by myself-he loathes painting), he'll let us get new carpet with the money we were planning on paying a professional painter.
I really want new carpet.

I've been painting for over two months now....this is probably going to take me another month to finish. 
And then I'll move on to the walls. (Which I'm painting the color you see around my framed painting on the left--it's called Gray Beige by Valspar--it is the perfect warm gray.   I wanted gray gray but with the lighting in this house, especially in the winter, it translated to feeling very cold.)

How long can it take?


Sam Andersen said...

looks great! it will be so nice, but I know it takes forever, I'm dealing with remodeling now for 2 months and I so wish it were over but I have a ton of cabinets to finish. sigh, how long can it take?

heidi said...

okay this is heidi

Teresa said...

the white looks pretty!

Chandler Family said...

I need to do this! The painters who came in and painted over the construction orange walls before we bought the house just painted everything tan, including ceilings. However, painting now and probably for the next year is not on my to do list. Growing a baby and then doing my best to keep 3 kids alive is on my to do list. However, I admire your enthusiasm! :)

Lisa Brown said...

I hear you! It is so hard to have energy when after the kids go to bed! I would suggest you do what I do - trade off some babysitting during the day just to spend on chores you can't get done with the kids home. It is amazing how much I get done in an hour or two :).

Shannon b said...

Looking good! Painting ceilings is definitely a chore! I've been painting the ceilings and walls in our whole house, going room to room. But I WILL be hiring a professional to do the living/dining room with 20 foot ceilings! I'm not climbing up on any scaffolding!