Sunday, October 6, 2013

milk mustache

A few mornings ago, this happened:
Nicholas had actually prayed for snow the night before.  We woke up to him racing back and forth across the house shrieking with joy. 
"Jesus made it snow for me!!"  
He was delighted.  He even asked me to help him learn how to say a prayer to thank Heavenly Father for the snow.

Now, I'm not super thrilled about the premature ending of fall, but it's hard to be sad about it when he is just. so. happy.

They were not dressed appropriately for the snow play, though, so after just a couple of minutes, they were back inside and crying that they were cold.

So I made them hot (warm-ish, more just not cold) chocolate.

And Ellie got a mustache.  
And a chocolate milk streak across her forehead.

 Oh gosh I love these two.

It was incredibly cold for a few days, but it's warming back up this week, so I think we'll still get a bit of fall before winter bombards us.

But when it does, I'm looking forward to more mornings of hot/lukewarm chocolate mustaches.


Teresa said...

Nothing like Hot/warm chocolate on a cold morning... and sweet children to share it with. =)

heidi said...

that look on Ellie's face in the 3rd pictures is to die for, so cute!