Thursday, September 12, 2013

more wedding

My poor laptop is still out of commission, but I was able to get a few more pictures from the wedding from my mom.  

 Setting up the luncheon took us several hours the day before the wedding--I brought some coloring supplies and a few bouncy balls for Ellie and Nicholas and they stayed surprisingly well entertained.  

With young kids, I've found I just have to prepare myself for the worst behavior,

and when things go well I can be pleasantly surprised.

It's really the only way to keep my sanity intact.

Our "bachelor party" idea we stole from Kent's side of the family (I hope you don't mind!)  We made Josh wear the sign all night. We went out for pizza, on a shopping spree for at Target (Josh had to stand at the front of the store with his cart and the rest of us ran around and found things to buy for him), and we finished off the night with frozen yogurt.  

Everyone stayed at our house that night. We stayed up way too late watching Literal trailers on youtube. (watch out--not all of those Literal videos are free of swearing, etc.) Nicholas and Ellie laughed along as if they knew why it was so funny.

Late that night as I was locking up the house and turning off lights I found Josh out in my driveway, in his car, talking to Alicia on the phone.  
Ah young love. 

The reception was put on by Alicia's family and it was beautiful.  They had a crepe bar, fun music playing, beautiful string lights, and tables for mingling, sitting, enjoying.  Just so lovely.
We were all so happy that my Grandma Murray was able to make the trip.  It meant a lot to Josh and I was glad she was able to come down for the first time and see my house too--I've been wanting her to see where we live for a long time now; I'm glad she got to come.

Just this last Saturday, Alicia's family held an open house in their hometown. We drove down in some of the most torrential rain Utah has ever seen.  
It was Texas rain, people.  True, full-blown Texas rain in Utah.  Can't see through the windshield no matter how fast the wipers are going, hydroplaning, flash floods, everything. It was awesome.  
The very small part of my heart that belongs to Texas (I didn't live there long...) loved every second of it.

The open house was almost more fun than the reception had been-less stress (for us at least!), and halfway through the night we all started dancing.  
Nicholas and I danced and danced and when I got tired I went back to our table and 
he stayed out there on the floor, dancing on his own-a blend of funky bouncing and twirling with some random ninja-style moves tossed in here and there, oblivious to all the other dancers and all the other people watching. 
I love that kid.

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Teresa said...

I love a good "bachelor party" =)
Happy Day to the newlyweds