Monday, September 23, 2013

this is what my life looks like, september 2013

Last September: here

We've gotten so much rain this summer. It's never been this green in September before.


Teresa said...

Looks perfect to me =)
Happy Day

Creole Wisdom said...

Those coloring marks! I'm guessing it was Kent who did that? ;)

Your fridge is making me hungry!

Shannon b said...

*Peaches! - yum!
*Love Nicholas' drawings. His animals look EXACTLY like the ones my kids drew at that age. Must be a 4 year old thing. :)
*We have the book Pig Kahuna!
*Thanks for the little peek into your life!

magunn said...

So ... do you have a recipe for those dazzling sizzling peaches?

And also, my mom gave Mac a bucket FULL of markers and other drawning essentials. He loves it ... and so does Belle. I find marker EVERYWHERE. Ugh.