Thursday, March 27, 2014

getting it done: carpet!

The past two days, while it did this outside:

We did this inside:

It's in. What I've been longing for and saving for and painting walls and ceilings for the past two years.  
No more stringy, wrinkly, stained shag carpet that hides fish hooks and sewing needles and nails!  (Funny thing, the installer actually found several more pins and needles as he was ripping out the old stuff.)

The kids had the time of their lives climbing around on our furniture all piled in the kitchen.
"Look, Eh-wie, Mom made us our very own playground!"
"Wow, Nikus, me wike it too!"

I spent the day trapped in the kitchen.  I now have a sparkly clean kitchen and a very fully belly.  

Last night Nicholas was feeling a bit concerned about losing the old carpet (he also cried when we traded in our Mazda for the van...) and I wondered how he was going to do today.
As soon as the installer showed up, though, Nicholas was immediately distracted by his own intense desires to tell every person we meet every single detail of his little life.

"Hi. Did you know I have a big bed in my room? My room is upstairs, but Mom and Dad said we can't put new carpet in there. I got the bed from Jonah and Nathan. I go to school. My teacher gives me beanie babies when I finish reading my letter books. I like the colors fire red and orange best. My friend's name is Luke and he was here yesterday and we played with my airplane that I got from Grammer and Papa when it was my three birthday!  I'm four now. But Eh-wie is two and she still wears diapers cause she's a baby."

We have an over-sharer, that's for sure.
The good thing is, it made him forget to be sad about that nasty carpet being hauled away, and he's just as happy about the new stuff as we are.

4 comments: said...

Looks great and you have been patient

Teresa said...

Nothing quite like new carpet...Happy for you!

Kamille said...

I hope you slept on it the first night :) I love it!

Creole Wisdom said...

Hooray for you, new carpet looks positively gorgeous. I know you must be thrilled.

And oh my is Nicolas precious. I love when kids just share their hearts and what's important to them... just darling!