Thursday, March 13, 2014


She started off the morning with a tea party and a big bowl of cottage cheese.
Wasn't enough.  She ate out of the carton.
She could eat cottage cheese until she died, if I'd let her.

I asked her if she wanted oatmeal for breakfast instead, but she said,
"Um, no thanks. Me just eat Mackey Cheese."  (No idea why she calls it that.)

She's definitely my child.

Nicholas laid on the couch (see his head in the back left?) and told me that he was just too tired. And his legs hurt and so I can't come over to eat breakfast. I think I need some apple juice. or a brownie.

We watched the sun come up over the mountains.  
Ellie waved. "Good morning, Sun! Mom, the sun popped out!"

I'd already been up for a while. I went to the store to buy a few groceries before the kids woke up 
and seriously. That's the way to shop.  I don't think I'll ever be going with the children again.
Of course, that means I have to actually wake up before them... we'll see how well this plan actually goes.

I have the parts to a new wall shelf also sitting over there on my couch.  A long white plank (leaning against the wall) with lots of layered white and silver frames.  

Nicholas is learning the letter R in preschool. He came home with this paper:
 That robot looks a whole lot like an Android, does it not?  
The Andersens learn what's what from a young age.

Our playgroup hosted a Pinterest Lunch Party--where everyone had to bring something they'd pinned but never made--I have about a bazillion of those.  It was fantastic. We had a huge group there, with

I made Copycat Hawaiian Sweet Rolls and they were amazing. 
If anyone tries to make them, though, keep in mind that pineapple juice needs to be heated or else the acid in them kills the yeast (but if it's too hot it will kill it heat it then let it cool to yeast-water temperature.) and this recipe does benefit from a teaspoon or so of salt added.  

At the lunch, Ellie had her typical big-group shyness/cling-to-mom-as-if-her-life-is-in-danger issues, so I got to be attached at the hip to a darling curly-haired sweetie
(As my mom points out, at least I never have to wonder where she is!)
and Nicholas jumped right in to play with his "very best friend" Bryce.

After preschool/naptime/my daily dose of peace and quiet,
we went out.
 We laid on a blanket in the front yard and gazed at the blue spring sky
while the sun warmed us.

My chocolate-faced, post-nap wild-haired Ellie used me as a pillow
 and Nicholas shielded his eyes from the sun.
Sun, it's been too long since we saw you.  How about you stick around for a while?

We raced, had jumping contests, learned how to gallop, blew bubbles with our neighbors, and made stone soup.
Came inside to find Kent had made dinner for us (he's fantastic. And he's mine.)
I called and ordered our carpet (HOORAY.)
Cub scouts planning meeting, 
home, bedtime.

I tucked my sweet boy into bed and he said, 
"Mom, I love Dad 5 ways and I love you 10 ways.  And I don't like Dad zero ways and I don't like you zero ways!"

I'll take that to mean he had a pretty good day.