Saturday, March 15, 2014

the queen of pout

She's got it down. Along with some serious bedhead.

We went to IKEA on Wednesday with Alicia, and in the nightstand and dressers section Ellie went into full-pout as she hid behind a red dresser.  Arms folded, lips out in the most adorable little kissy face, head down. She would not break the pout to tell us what was wrong (and honestly, I hardly even ask anymore.) 
But the moment Alicia poked her in the belly Pillsbury dough-boy style, Ellie popped up with a huge grin, laughed, and said
"She got mine belly!" 
And ran off giggling.

Like I said, the pout comes out so often I don't even bother to ask anymore.
If all else fails, I can always bribe her with chocolate. Or cottage cheese.


Teresa said...

love the bed hair...I remember the first time Scott spent the night at our home after Shannon and scott were first married... I came in the room to find Scott and all the boys on the sofa and everyone of them had the most awesome bed hair...welcome to the family to see grandchildren carrying on the tradition. Happy Day

Creole Wisdom said...

So stinkin' cute. I'd say chocolate and dairy are bribes that would work on adults, too ;)

heidi said...

that is some serious bed head!!! lol