Saturday, March 22, 2014

the days they were born

The morning before Nicholas was born, I was feeling big, uncomfortable, and just plain tired of waiting for him to come.  Kent and I went shopping for a new microwave (we were using a free one that was from the 80's) and I convinced him to buy me some new earrings, as a little pick-me-up, a token of maybe-I-am-still-pretty.

A few hours later, my water broke, we went to the hospital, and Nicholas arrived.  I was still wearing those earrings.

It was completely by accident, but I loved the fact that they were the earrings I wore the day he was born.
Ever since then, I wear them whenever I'm feeling particularly close to Nicholas or just want a sweet little reminder of the day I became a mother.

I decided to make it a tradition of sorts, so before Ellie was born, we went out together and found a new set of earrings,
the earrings I wore the day that Ellie was born.  I kept them in my hospital go-bag and made sure to put them on as we drove to the hospital that October morning.

I just can't help but smile when I'm getting ready for the day and see these pairs of earrings in my box.  
A simple way to help me remember the wonder of being a mother.
As they get a little older, I will tell them about these earrings, and I hope they will be glad when they see me wearing them.

3 comments: said...

So sweet

Creole Wisdom said...

What a tender story. I love it :) Both sets are as different and beautiful as your kids!

heidi said...

what a cute tradition!