Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nicholas speaks

1. We’ve been teaching Nick about how Mom should have privacy when she’s in the shower (or using the bathroom, getting dressed, basically all the times I should be alone but never am…) One morning Ellie barged into the bathroom while I was showering, and soon Nicholas came up and knocked on the door:  
“Is Ellie in there??”
“But Mom, didn’t you forget about your PUBERTY?!” (privacy)

2. I noticed Nicholas’s underwear on the floor in the bathroom. He’d been going commando for several hours.  When we asked him why, he said, “I was just trying to be comfy!”

3. Standing on one leg: “I’m just being like a mango.” (flamingo)

4. I walked into the kitchen to find him laying flat on his back on the floor.  “Mom, I’m a tile!”

5. “If only I had three legs that would be awesome!”

6. “Do butterflies cough when they are freezing?” (I have always--my entire life--coughed when I am cold. Nicholas has inherited this bizarre trait from me.)

7. Ellie was crying in the car. “If only we had a cow, then we could put milk on her….  We’re gonna need a bigger car.”

8. Nicholas shouts with glee: “Who wants abomination?!”
I said, “Who wants peace and quiet?”
Nicholas: “We don’t have any of that here.”

9. He asked me what was in the lime juice bottle. I told him. "What, Mom? LYING juice??"

10. "Why is it called a library? Is it because lots of people lie there?" (We've been teaching him about honesty lately...can you tell?)

And a few new Ellie Speaks now that she's a talker:

1. I pulled her out of the tub and wrapped her in a towel, then turned her to the mirror so she could see herself wrapped like a baby. The towel's tag was hanging down and covering one of her eyes. She said, "Hm. Ellie pirate." So matter-of-fact.

2. The two of them were fighting in the car. Because they both wanted to sing. But of course they can't sing at the same time. So they fought. Finally Nicholas finished his "song" and declared "Okay, Ellie, hit it!" She looked puzzled, then said, "ummm, Hi-yah!" and threw her fist in the air.

3. "Tummy hurts. Bum noise. Funny! Me all better!"

4. I needed to change her diaper. She was throwing a fit about that (time to potty train, I think!), so I told her we were going to go get ice cream. While crying she declared, "Me don't like ice cream. Me only like Sarah!"


Savanah said...

I love listening to little kids talk...they process things in the best way! Too cute! You will be so glad you have written these down!

heidi said...

Hi-yah!! that's so funny!!

Shannon Brown said...

I especially love #4 and #8 on Nicholas' list. Too cute, good job recording all this fun stuff! said...

pretty funny and cute must be laughing all the time

Teresa said...

Made me smile....thanks for sharing

Creole Wisdom said...

How funny! I love when children replace words with incorrect ones. You've got two cutie pies :)