Tuesday, April 1, 2014

getting it done: art supplies cabinet

 Kids in a cupboard.  They were super helpful in the assembly of this cabinet, as you can imagine.   
We only lost one screw, though, so I'm calling it a success.

I've been looking for a place to store all the kids' craft supplies.  We've been doing a lot of coloring, painting, and practicing with scissors lately, and my kitchen desk drawers were stuffed to the brim, to the point where things would fall out the back side of the drawer when I attempted to open it. Then I'd have to either ignore it, or remove the drawer completely to retrieve whatever fell back there. It was a mess.  

When I found this hutch on sale from Target a couple of weeks ago, I figured it was a good time to ask for an early birthday present.
 As a side, that race track in the living room?  I bought it for $5 from a yard sale last summer, and just got it out for them to play with last week.  
Best $5 I ever spent, seriously.
They (especially Nicholas) have played with the race track for an average of 4 hours a day for the past six days.  And I can "play" with them simply by picking which car is mine and watching and cheering from my spot on the couch. Fantastic toy.

And yes, those are hot wheels cars under there. 
I saw a motto I think I'm going to adopt about housekeeping when you have young children:
 "Keep the house clean enough to be healthy, messy enough to be happy.  
Clean enough to be sanitary, messy enough to be sane."
Yep, works for me.


plpamlee@gmail.com said...

I love it your home is really shaping up nicely

Andrea said...

Cute! I'm so jealous -I need a cabinet for all of my art stuff. Preferably one with a lock:)

Shannon Brown said...

As I mentioned on FB we have that cabinet too! Love it! Yours looks great in that spot. And, Payton had that exact same racetrack at Nicholas' age. He loved it and it got a lot of good use for a long time.

Cindy said...

That cabinet is darling! Hmmm, wonder where I could put one?

Savanah said...

Your home is beautiful!

Teresa said...

Love that cabinet, great use of it...Mason got me one just like it but in red a couple years ago for Mothers Day...=)

heidi said...

looks great, it's always nice to get organized!

Aimee said...

I just read that quote this week too. Do you do Power of Moms?