Saturday, December 7, 2013


Kent's parents own a home in the foothills of central California.  It is a beautiful home, they designed it and had it built themselves.  It's the place I first met them, the place I first saw Kent in his own home, with his own family (and fell even more in love with him because of it), the place that I've known as home for the past seven years.

This home is a place of solitude, peace, family, and many happy memories.  

Unfortunately, it is also far away from work, stores, family, and Church for them.  They haven't lived in this house for quite a while now, and the work and driving it takes to upkeep the home and it's surrounding five acres is becoming too time consuming. They are hoping to sell this house in the coming year.

I knew this trip was probably the last time we'd be there, so I took lots of pictures, and the last morning there I slipped outside and sat on the patio to watch the sun rise over the hills.  When the light streams through those oak trees.....ah.  

I love this place.


Teresa said...

Made to tear up a bit...if only we could just pick it all up and move it.

Creole Wisdom said...

It truly is gorgeous. The shots you got are lovely, Becca! Moving is bittersweet no matter what... especially if you built a home yourself.