Thursday, December 19, 2013

halls are decked

My finger model points out her favorite snow globe.
Teresa helped us make these darling snow globes on Thanksgiving.  
You can bet my kids are continually rearranging them, moving them, carrying them around the house, pushing them around in the shopping cart, etc.

My finger model steals the shot with her "rabbit" fingers.  Hop!  
She does this all the time-holds up her hand and tell us it's a rabbit.

This year's ornament--sweet little man from Mexico.
We've been loving our tradition of lighting the candles for every meal in December--breakfast lunch dinner by candlelight.  We used up the last of the juice in our lighter burning our tree on Saturday, though, so we've been candleless this week.  Hoping Kent can pick a new one (and some matches for back up probably) on his way home from work today.  

3 comments: said...

everything looks great

Creole Wisdom said...

So, so pretty. I love the homemade snow globes. I'd love to make those one year.

I sure hope you linked up to my blog :)

Daenel T. said...

What an adorable finger model! Those upside down snow globes are just too cute!