Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas fish

 This is what Santa brought for Nicholas.
A new shirt (that Nicholas refuses to wear...of course), books, oreos, a play tent, stuffed panda bear,
oatmeal, and pet fish.
 Nicholas's first delights were in his oatmeal.  He squealed, danced around, and hugged it tight.  Oatmeal.
 And then he noticed his stocking full of candy....

And finally, he saw it.  
"Santa brought me a pet FISH?!?"   

Totally worth it.
Even though I've had to change the water every single day so far. I guess we need to buy a bigger tank. And a filter. 
These little fish are a lot of work.  But he loves them. I've caught him several times just sitting next to the bowl, watching them with a giant grin. 
He keeps telling me how happy he is,
because "Santa brought me fish.  I knew he'd bring me fish."

These two little fishies have changed names about every three hours since Nicholas has gotten them.
Here's the names I can remember:
Jonny and Whooshie (these were the very first names he gave them on Christmas morning)
Beta and Christmas Mushi
Johnson and Clamfish
Mara and Christmas Clamfish
Clownfish and Freddy

I think I need to start writing the names on the side of the bowl with a dry erase marker so I won't keep getting in trouble for referring to them as the wrong names.  I just can't keep up with that little mind of his.


Teresa said...

Happy Day...he got Christmas fish...oh the joy that he will never forget...way to go Santa!

CindyLou said...

I love the saying on your mom's wall. It is perfect for Christmas and always! Merry Christmas to you and your cute family.