Monday, December 23, 2013

marshmallow pops

We were in charge of bringing a special treat for Nicholas's preschool Christmas party.  I saw this cute idea and thought maybe he'd want them?  Strawberry and bananas shaped into a candy cane?  
I showed it to him and asked him if he wanted it. 
He just looked at me and said, "Um......."
"How about marshmallows?"

Got it.  Healthy food is not an acceptable Christmas party treat.  Okay.  
So we covered marshmallows in white chocolate and sprinkles.
And every kid in his class loved them, except one girl. She said they were too sticky.
She probably eats strawberries and bananas in candy cane shapes at her house.

 This girl.  She dumped out the whole bottle of sprinkles, so I scooped them into a bowl.
When I looked over, she was eating sprinkles by the fistful.
And just so you know, I do style her hair every morning--comb through it and put a cute little bow or clip in the side.  But by midday, it always looks like this.  

There's too much playing, climbing, couch-jumping, and sprinkle eating to be done each day to worry about keeping your hair nice.  

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Teresa said...

Nothing like Christmas with little children...Happy Day