Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Sunday

 We're at my parents' house for Christmas.  
Yesterday started out with a pajama-clad snow shoveling party.

 Then we all got dressed in our Christmas best for Church.

After Church (the Christmas program-so nice!) we came home and played--Alicia played G.I. Joes with Nick for a while, we played several rounds of Guess Who with the kids, went to see the stake choir sing The Messiah, and stayed up late being way too silly.  

The snow came down all day, my mom has the house so cozy and Christmas-y, we shopped for a few last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers today, and the kids are continually checking and re-checking how many days are left on our paper chain countdown.  
Christmas is almost here!

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heidi said...

Man! That's a lot of snow. Ellie looks so beautiful in her dress!