Tuesday, December 31, 2013

family nativity party

My mom's side of the family always gets together before Christmas to have a party. We all bring soups to share, Grandma brings ice cream, and we help the kids do a little (as "little" as you can get with roughly 30 kids on the stage) nativity play.

As you can imagine, it's pure chaos trying to get all these kiddos dressed and in their places before the play starts.  Here are my darling little shepherds waiting their turn:
Ellie decided that the baby doll we used for Jesus was actually hers. If you know any two-year-olds, you understand what happens when they decide something is "MINE!"  
 She also felt inclined to stand center stage through the whole production. 
Hopefully no one minded, because she was not moving.

After the play, Nicholas got to run wild with his favorite cousin-friend Sam, Ellie thoroughly enjoyed some ice cream, 
 and my cousin Glen used photos of all of us to do some Elf-yourself videos.

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Teresa said...

Great fun!
Love that little ellie