Friday, July 31, 2009

the first

I got my first San Antonio Methodist Hospital bracelet.
I was there on Tuesday, but only for 3 1/2 hours.
I was diagnosed with an "irritable uterus" that just doesn't like being stretched.
I don't blame it.

It was a good practice run, though--now I know that I'll need a few things I hadn't thought of before. My own pillows, for example.
And I made good friends with some of the nurses.
We also managed to navigate the crazy parking situation and find labor and delivery.

Maybe I should have left the bracelet on.
They told me that the signs I'm showing mean that real labor will begin "either a few hours from now or a few weeks from now."
Don't they realize that is a bit...aggravating?

So, our bags are packed, the carseat is installed, the camera is charged, and poor Kent is at work, jumping up every time his phone makes a sound, wondering if it's me telling him it's time to get to the hospital (again).

I can't believe we're going to be parents soon.

I thought I'd feel more "ready."
But it seems like most of life's lessons are simply thrown at us, and we have to learn while actually in the moment.
We probably learn better that way.
And as first-time parents, Kent and I have a lot of learning ahead of us.
Oh boy.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

how much longer?

Last night
Kent decided to start working on tax stuff.
So instead of going to bed, I started cleaning.

That was probably a bad idea.
Within minutes I was in full-blown "nesting" mode.
After doing the dishes, I sanitized all the countertops (which were clean already),
then I organized the final boxes that have been sitting in our bedroom.
Then I dusted our dresser.
I organized the screws that were sitting on top, making sure they were in a neat little row.
Then I went into the bathroom and folded all the towels. They had to be exactly strait with each other.
Which isn't very easy to do with towels. They're too fluffy.

My obsession with order finally ended when Kent was calling me from bed,
begging me to stop and come pray with him so he could go to sleep.
And when I realized that it was simply unnecessary to get out the measuring tape and make sure all of the shower curtain hooks were the same distance apart.
Cleanliness is next to godliness, but I think that right after that comes insanity.

Oh, and yesterday, I ate an entire large plateful of brownies. By myself.
I tried to save some for Kent,
but I couldn't.

I am definitely 8 1/2 months pregnant.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


It's not completely done--my mom is making a crib bumper and skirt for us, I need to find curtains, and I'm going to paint the big wagon on the floor.
Oh, and Kent is going to add crown molding.
But other than that, it's all set up!

We got most of the wooden things in the room from my Grandpa Murray. I love my little table and chairs most. You could never buy something with the same quality as the things Grandpa makes.
The crib is from my parents--it's the one they had for all of us, but it's in perfect condition. Something to do with the fact that none of us ever actually slept much.

The blanket on the crib is one my mom made. It's a miniature version of the quilt she made us for our wedding.
The rocking chair is from my aunt Tammy, and I love it! So comfortable, and I can see myself spending lots of hours in it rocking my little baby.
Teresa bought us the beautiful dresser, and she gave us the blanket and sweater I have sitting on the shelf. They were Kent's when he was a baby.

Everything in this room represents people who love little Nicholas.
It's now my favorite room of the house.

Friday, July 17, 2009

small things

Life is all about the small things, I think.
This isn't to say that we should stress about the details and lose the big picture. That's not what I'm saying.
I'm just thinking that we need to spend more time being happy because of little things.
Or maybe that's just what I need to do.
Especially when I'm thinking it hurts too much to do what I'm being asked to.
Faith, I'm realizing, doesn't mean that sad things won't hurt. But it does mean that you'll still be able to see the beauty of the small things. And be happy again.

Being alive is hard. But it is also good. Good because of the small things.

The smell of rain outside the window.
Tiny socks and a carseat I'll get to use in 6 more weeks.
Newborn diapers. So super cute.
Finally having a kitchen with adequate counter space!
Wondering if "counter space" is supposed to be one word. Counterspace?
These incredible cobbler cupcakes with homemade whipped cream.
Learning that "self-rising flour" can be created just by adding salt and baking powder.
Sharing those cupcakes with friends.
Quiet whispers of peace in times of trial.

It's all about the small and simple.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My parents have a motto of sorts.
It came from the winter they finished our basement. On their own.
"How long could it take?"

We've been replacing light fixtures. This house could have won an award for the ugliest lights.

But replacing them takes a lot more work than we had counted on.
Between countless trips to Lowes to get the right parts, removing electrical boxes, installing new ones, and sawing through unidentified metal beams... well, let's just say I'm SO glad I married a man who doesn't swear.

The bedroom paint is still on our list. Hopefully this week we'll get to it. All of our other projects are taking so much longer than we'd planned on.
How long can it take, really?

Somehow, though, all the hard work makes the finished projects so much more satisfying.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Homeownership brought me something that I hadn't quite expected.
A lengthy (and pricey) wishlist.

Now that we're in the house and can see it coming together little by little,
I've got big plans for this place.

We have told ourselves that we'll be here for 5 to 7 years,
and I think it is going to take that long before we get the house just the way we want it.

This canvas would be so perfect for the wall between my cupboards and pantry door.

And this bench would be great for the empty wall by the garage door.

I'd love this rug in my kitchen. I'm thinking of doing the walls a light blue and using red accents.

I'm also looking for a cute bench and bookshelf to put in the hall upstairs. I want to make a little snuggle/reading corner up there.

We should be getting new light fixtures this weekend (hooray!), and we'll finish up painting soon, too. My next project is finding or making curtains. Then we'd like to put tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, refinish the kitchen cupboards, and put a real lawn in next spring.

So much to do, but so fun, too! I never knew how fulfilling it would be to create a beautiful space for our little family.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

this week

I just wanted to show everyone what we've been up to this week.

Becca: unpacking (will it ever end?), trying to ignore the yappy poodles next door, and growing and growing.

Nicholas: slowing down a little. There's becoming less and less room for him to cartwheel in. But he never goes too long without not-so-gently reminding me that he's inside.

Kent: working, picking up boxes for me, installing ceiling fans, helping ward members move, and painting the nursery!

I can't wait to get all of the nursery put together and everything organized and ready for Nicholas. There's still a lot of work left to do before he gets here!

And we're still loving our house! (Just not the neighbor's dogs.) It feels SO good to have a home.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Kent turned 24 on Saturday!

The day started off with a spectacularly patriotic birthday breakfast of red, white, and blue waffles and homemade blackberry syrup.
I'm pretty proud of my blackberry syrup, since I invented the recipe myself.
But apparently I'm not proud enough to take a picture of it. Sorry.

After breakfast, Kent began the assembly of his long-awaited birthday present:
his very own barbecue grill.
We purchased it on Friday, but I wouldn't let him use it until Saturday. I'm a horribly mean wife, I know.
He had to pick out the appropriate grilling tools to go with it. Home Depot has a set of burger flipper/tongs/giant fork that "a man can be proud of."To help with the grill assembly Kent also got a cordless power drill!
It's unfortunate that he couldn't have opened that early, since we spent four hours changing the hinges of our refrigerator door the day before.
But maybe that's what made this present all the more meaningful.
Just look at that smile!
(And try not to look at the yucky light fixtures we haven't replaced yet. They're on "The To-Do List With No End.")

After a dinner of bacon-wrapped steaks, homemade french fries, and sparkling green jello, we had Dallin and Cindy and Mark over to help us eat ice-cream cake and play games.

After dark the two of us got in the car and drove back and forth on the 1604 to watch the fireworks at Six Flags. Kent always gets fireworks, just for his birthday!

Happy Birthday, Kent! You are the kindest, silliest, most wonderful husband!