Friday, May 30, 2008

"You have arrived"

We drove FOREVER before we finally heard our GPS say that to us on Tuesday. Never did a computerized woman's voice sound so wonderful... There's not really much to say about our trip, except that it was very, very long. We did, however, have a few surprises along the way; for example, our unexpectedly nice stay in Phoenix (a $39 hotel that was worth much more than that), the dumpy hotel in Ozona, TX that had an island-resort-style pool and hot tub (totally unexpected!), and arriving in San Antonio to find out that our move-in time wasn't actually until 5:00 pm (meaning we had to reschedule our furniture rentals move in and our internet set up. Yeah. Not so cool.)
My husband-turned-driver. I never drove. He says he gets too bored if he's not driving, but from the look on his face, I'm not sure if driving across Arizona and New Mexico is entertaining no matter what seat you're in.

A city named Kent! He said "It must be a city of power and glory." And then we drove past it. I think there was one very glorious gas station and a few awe-inspiring trailer houses.

Windmills! Hundreds of them! Kent said, "You wouldn't want to parachute into that field."

I spent at least an hour reading this delightful cupcake book. I read every recipe. Some twice! And I thought about my new goals for health and exercise. I need to make some cupcakes first, though. This book is adorable. Thanks, Shannon!

An Idaho-shaped peice of peach fruit leather. Cool!

Egg McMuffins. Traveling food. I actually like these. Just not so many times in a row.
Yeah, we didn't expect a hotel room like that to have a pool like that, either. It was too bad our swimsuits were packed so far underneath everything else in our car...

It was a long drive, but we were so blessed to have everything go well for us. Our car ran perfectly, and everything went smoothly. I'm grateful.

Old enough to drink

If I was into that kind of thing...
But I'm not, so here's what we decided to do on my birthday instead of visiting the local bars.

Breakfast in bed made by my cute husband. Banana pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream and a croissant and hot chocolate. Yum!

Streamers by my door just like my mom always does! Thanks Teresa!

Presents from Kent. He picked out that adorable purse all by himself! And he gave me the kitchen tools I've been longing to have ever since I got my own kitchen. I have a ladle without holes in it! Hooray!These presents were all sent to me. I got the cutest earrings, necklace, and a bath and body works candle from my mom, and my little brothers and my sister gave me homemade birthday cards, my favorite! And my Grandpa Murray gave me a willow whistle (that's the stick with the green ribbon). He makes those every springtime, and we always go with. But since I wasn't there this year, he sent me one. Thanks everyone! We had a picnic indoors because it was raining. And this picture is really bright, I know.
Kent took me on a Jeep ride down to the lake and we climed around on some rocks for a while.

Danny and Teresa took me to dinner at Cool Hand Lukes. John and Libby and their girls came too. What a fun birthday! Oh, and that's just water I'm drinking there. :D


We're here! And I finally have internet!!! What a crazy couple of days it has been. But I think I like it here. Okay, so I guess I'll just start at my birthday and work forward from there.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh what do you do in the summertime...

When you're living in San Antonio, Texas?

I've been doing some research. We're leaving for Texas in 3 days. What are we going to do when Kent's not working? And what am I going to do while Kent is working? Here are some ideas:

Rivercenter Mall

San Antonio LDS Temple
World Famous Schlitterbahn Water Park

The Riverwalk (shopping, restaurants)

Little shops and marketsThe Guenther House Mill (tours, shop, and restaurant)

The Alamo

Tower of the Americas
(Kent's been to the restaurant at the top and says it's incredible.)

San Antonio Botanical Gardens

Natural Bridges Wildlife Ranch (A drive-through safari)

Fun! I'm really excited about this move. Everything we've heard about San Antonio is great! I think we'll like it there. It's always hard on me to move. I don't like change. But this should be good. I'm excited to get off on our own again. It will be great to get to know a new place.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This month is such a special one...

It's birthday time for me.

Today Teresa took me to the Fresno Temple and we did a session. It was really neat, since I haven't been in a small temple before. It is a beautiful temple. After it was done, we went birthday shopping! It was so much fun! And I found some really cute things to take with me to Texas. I'm so excited to wear everything. I love getting new clothes. It definitely gives me a high, and I feel so cute and happy wearing my new things for like the next few weeks. As much as I like new clothes, however, I'm usually not much of a shopper. I don't like spending money at all, especially on myself. I just feel so guilty thinking about all that money... But that's why birthdays are so much fun. I can pick things out for myself without feeling guilty about it.

My birthday is on Saturday, and I need to think of something simple and fun that Kent and I can do. I like simple things for birthdays, like a picnic or something. I'll have to think about it. It can't be anything too big because we have to leave early Sunday morning for our drive to Texas. We're driving to Phoenix the first day, to a little place called Ozona, TX, the second day, and then on the third day it should only take us a few hours to make it into San Antonio. It will be a long, long drive, but at least I can wear cute new clothes on the way!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Run, run, run

After too many weeks of lounging and overeating, Kent and I decided it's finally time to start working out again. Every day when Kent gets home from work we lace up and run the mile loop around Blue Oak Drive. Now let me get one thing clear: I hate running. And there's a couple of reasons. First, I feel like I'm going to die when we get to the second half of the mile and start going uphill. Someone really needs to plant some trees on that side of the loop. Also, we run at about 3 or 4. The hottest time of day. I've inherited a lovely thing my mom and I call the "red face gene." My face is redder than a fire truck for at least an hour after I run. So not only do I feel like I'm going to die, but everyone who sees me is very concerned about my health. ("Is she going to be all right? Her face is really red." Etc.)

BUT, I love the sore muscles because it means I've actually done something. And I am excited to see how much farther I can get each day before the "I'm going to die!" feeling sets in. And it is deliciously nice to be able to jump right into the pool at Kent's parent's house as soon as I get back. I like having a goal, and it has been fun to see how motivating and positive my sweet husband is. He's awfully cute when we're running. And I'm really, really, really proud of us for running every day. That's why I'm actually making a post about this. So, we're going to keep it up. Although we will probably not continue doing this exercise at 3 or 4 in the afternoon. It's just way too hot.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


We had some exciting and interesting meals in France. It was always an adventure deciding what to order, and we usually had our French/English dictionary out, passing it around the table. There was a lot of "What do you think this means?", and "Would I be safe ordering this?". Well, I took pictures of some of our particularly memorable meals, so here they are! I'm only missing a picture of the raw ham platter we had one afternoon, and there was also a restaurant in Carcassone that had the most incredible lasagna we'd ever tasted.

This was one of my favorite meals at a restaurant right on the Mediterranean. Grilled Salmon and "American Fries." The salmon was heavenly.

A "Mixed grille" plate-chicken, duck, nearly raw steak, stewed vegetables, and two sausages. One sausage was really good, and the other one didn't make it into my mouth. The smell alone was more than I could handle.

Eating my favorite French sandwich: slices of ham (lunch meat style, not raw!), Swiss cheese, fresh tomatoes, "salade" (lettuce), and butter on a baguette style sandwich bun. Mmm!

Raspberry sorbet on the left and Rose Petal ewe's milk ice cream on the right.

Cassoulet. And I don't see any macaroni or noodles in there, do you?


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Canal du Midi

Pictures!! These are a bunch of pictures that Teresa took. I have more that I took as well, but they're on the other computer right now, so maybe I'll add more of those later.

(Oh, and I know it looks like I only have one shirt to wear in all these trip pictures. I actually had about five, but I guess I liked to wear the red one most. :D We only took carry-on luggage so we didn't have to worry about losing it, so I had limited options, and apparently we only took pictures on the day I wore the red one.)

Kent waiting for our turn through one of the 64 locks

This is the pileup of boats waiting to get through the seven lock stretch.

Early morning reading inside the boat

For more fun pictures and stuff about our trip, go to here and here.