Tuesday, October 6, 2015

this is what my life looks like, September 2015

September is one of my favorite months.
The weather, the hints of autumn in the mornings but summer in the evenings, 
the fresh-grown produce, the end-of-summer rainstorms.
I love it.

Past Septembers: 2014, 2013 (Gah--the kids are SO little!!), and 2012 

(side note: Nicholas has recently figured out how to get his own cereal in the mornings. And Kent and I feel like singing hallelujah. As much as it's hard to see the kids grow up, there are some benefits. This is a big one. Now if we can just figure out how to convince him to get Ellie's breakfast too....)


Savanah said...

Such cute snippets of your life! I love the picture of you playing with Christian and Ellie is on your back, such a perfect moment captured! I think we all need more pictures of us with our kids! So cute!

Teresa said...

I love these post about your everyday life....happy day