Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Six months

It's just not fair.
How is it that with each child, you appreciate the baby stage more,
but it goes by so much faster?

Christian is six months, and I am deep in love with this boy.
He is perfection. He's seriously the happiest, most perfect dreamy baby there is.

I know this sounds crazy, but Kent and I actually go days in a row without hearing him cry. When he's hungry or tired, he just kinda whines, like
"I know you're busy, but if you get a minute, I'm maybe ready to eat... you know, when you get a chance."

What a darling, easygoing little man.
I love this stage, the "Mama just can't get enough of you!" stage.
I just want to eat him up, all day long.

He learned to crawl about halfway through the month,
and it's awesome.
He's crazy fast, and SO excited.

 Things I want to remember:

Laughing. Christian learned to really laugh this month--the best big belly laughs. The person who never fails to make him laugh? Ellie.

He also discovered the ability to "fake laugh"....a funny little coughing sound with his eyes squinted shut.
I adore it.
He gets SO excited every time we open the fridge, pantry, or any cupboards while holding him. He frog-kicks his legs, starts to squeal and pant, and flaps his arms. 

He wants to explore, and I'm 100% certain he's going to give us a run for our money as far as babyproofing goes. 
But, at least he'll be happy while he's at it!
He's got a pretty good schedule going--two naps (sometimes three) a day, still nursing every two to three hours, goes to bed at 7 pm, and waking up about 2-3 times a night. He rises each morning at 7 am pretty much on the dot, and there's no chance of me convincing him to sleep just a leetle bit longer. He wants to play! And talk! and climb on us!
He is a handful (or two handfuls!) to hold. He can't decide if he wants to jump in my lap, climb up to my shoulder, pull my hair, twist upside down in my arms, or launch himself over the side of the couch/chair I'm sitting in. 
He lost a bit on the growth charts this month (down from 46th percentile to 34th), he's now my skinniest baby by far, but I'm pretty sure it's because he's just so so active. In fact, as we were at the pediatrician's office examining his growth chart, he was twisting upside down in my arms until he was hanging with his head by my knees and trying to squirm down to the floor so he could crawl around. 

My mom has nicknamed him "Mr. Wigglepants," and it's more than fitting.

He's really not excited about solid food. Occasionally, he'll pick something up and attempt to eat it, but most of the time he waits for me to put it into his mouth for him. He loves broccoli, cheese, green beans, pineapple, graham crackers, and butternut squash soup. He tolerates baby food, for a few bites, and gives everything a taste as long as I'm the one holding it, but he just really isn't too enthusiastic yet. 

New tricks: sitting like a pro, crawling, rolling both ways with ease, going down for naps without assistance, pretending to laugh, shaking his head to copy us, and being able to go from sitting on my leg to standing without help.

When he's really happy, he shakes his head, chatters and babbles, and does what I call his "happy hands," swiping his hands back and forth against each other, like modified clapping. 

I really can't remember what life was like without this wiggly, squishy, happy little guy.


Teresa said...

growing up so fast! just darling said...

Adorable said...


Savanah said...

My third baby was just like that! And it DID sound crazy to say, but he would just give us like a little grunt if he was hungry, I'm not sure I ever heard him cry in his first year of life! It's so nice to have a happy dream baby like that! I'm so glad he's happy for you, especially when you had that little period in the beginning trying to figure out reflux and stuff, so glad he is happy!!