Sunday, November 2, 2014

everything pink and three years old

Okay. It's time to get this blog back on track.  Morning sickness kinda killed my motivation for, well, everything...and it's crazy how long it's taking me to get back on top of life after that.  
You don't even want to know how long it's been since I cleaned my bathroom.
But that's on my list for the week, as is getting things back together here in this place. 

Ellie's birthday was this week. 
I couldn't really tell what she was more excited for, her birthday, or Halloween. 
When we'd tell her it was her birthday soon, her eyes would get all round and she'd squeak, "And then it's HALLOWEEN!"

But her birthday turned out to be a pretty fun day, too. With plenty of pink. 

 First thing in the morning, examining her pile of presents. She was delighted with how much pink there was. 
"Pink is mine favorite color!"

 She got to open one present, from her Grammer--new clothes to wear on the birthday!

 Kent had just barely returned from another long Romania trip the night before, and he didn't get home until the kids were already in bed. Ellie was SO happy to see him home again when she woke up on her birthday.

He's been home for several days now, and I'm still feeling relieved and content to be back together. 
We sure need our Daddy around.
 Her breakfast request this year? Popeyes (aka egg-in-the-hole, aka toasted bread with an egg in the center.) 
 "Helping" me decorate her cake. She spent most of the time singing the ABC's instead of helping with the cake. 

We had a pretty chill day. I hadn't planned much, but she didn't seem to care. She played with Nicholas, ate her favorite foods, and we took her to get donuts and balloons.

Sarah, Josh, and Alicia came over to play, open presents, and have cake and ice cream with us.  
Gosh it's nice to live close to family. 

 Ellie and Nicholas have been really really into playing pretend doctor lately.  They'd gather up all sorts of random items from the house in baskets to use to give each other shots, take their "blood crusher," and listen to their "heart beeps." 

So we got her a doctor's kit.
And so did Kent's parents.
And my mom made her the darling nurse's apron and hat.

They both loved them. 
It's amazing the hours they've logged playing doctor with their new kits in the past few days.

 She wanted a butterfly cake. My decorating job certainly wouldn't win any awards this year, but that's not what I do it for.
I did it for that grin on her face. So, totally a success.

Happy 3, my darling girl!


Teresa said...

Looks like we all had the same b/day gift ideas...with one more to come....hopefully the right one is sent this time....she is adorable!

Cindy said...

So Fun! I love your posts! ...And I"m still blaming my house craziness on having a baby-nevermind that's almost been 5 months (I've probably only cleaned my bathroom like 3 times in that time frame...shhh don't tell)

Happy Birthday Ellie!

Shannon Brown said...

Happy birthday Ellie! Her doctor apron is adorable! Glad that she had such a happy day!