Thursday, November 6, 2014

Maui: days to chill

It seems like every time I go on vacation, a few months later I just ache to go back. Especially when that vacation was to Hawaii. 
Hawaii gets in your blood, I tell you.

So here's one last recap of our long-ago vacation:

The first half of our trip we spent going and doing and seeing. 
The last few days, 
we just relaxed.
We spent a lazy Sunday afternoon wandering around the Ioa Needle Valley. 
What a beautiful jungle-y place!

There were signs posted everywhere warning people to stay out of these rivers and pools, 
but naturally everyone, particularly locals, completely ignored the signs.

Kent and I agreed that this pool in particular looked like the most perfect place to swim.  

The next morning my morning sickness struck again, 
so we went out for a quick breakfast, then came back for a 9 am nap. 
After we woke up and had lunch, 
we went snorkeling one last time in Honolua Bay.
I think this trail down to the bay was my favorite part of the whole island.  Have you ever seen so much green?? 

We snorkeled, then lazily sat on the rocks with our toes in the water.
Until we noticed the crabs. Everywhere. All under the rocks we were sitting on.
We stood up and moved on.

On Tuesday, our last day, we had to check out of our room that morning,
but the hotel allowed us to stick around all day (our flight didn't leave until 10 pm.)
so we decided to fork out the money to rent a beach umbrella and chairs.

Best idea ever.
We spent the entire day lounging, reading, napping, snorkeling, lounging, swimming, buying juices and milkshakes from the poolside bar,
and being completely utterly lazy.
I would have gone crazy if we'd done this more than once,
I'm not good at just being lazy.
But for the one day, and our last day in Hawaii? It was heavenly.
When they took our beach chairs back in that evening, we got cleaned up and wandered the grounds a bit, taking a few last pictures.

Then we made the drive back around the island as the sun began to set.

We finished off the night with a fantastic dinner at Fabiani's in Kihei, then drove to the airport. 
Thanks for the beautiful week, Maui!

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Teresa said...

What a wonderful way to end the trip...Happy Day