Sunday, November 30, 2014

California trip: Grammer and Papa love

We went to California to see Grammer and Papa. 
Kent's parents are super busy in the fall. Kent's dad owns a nut-packing company, and this is "nut season." 
We're so grateful they were able to squeeze in a little time with us that weekend.

Grammer met us at the cabin, and she was the kids' playmate of choice.  Game after game after game. 

And some silliness here and there: 

 Kent, Ellie, and his parents at what Ellie calls "the funnest park!" 

Nicholas and Ellie ready for Church on Sunday.
The ward we went to up there in the mountains was unbelievably friendly (I think every single member came up to greet us before Sacrament meeting started) and also incredibly...old. 
Which meant that my children were the only kids there.
Which meant that every single little noise they made echoed through the room and everyone could hear them.
They were actually pretty good, but we had to take them out in the hallway probably seven or eight times, simply because they were being, well, children.

At Grammer's house they got to go to the park, hide things in her plantation shutters (Ellie...), and play with this awesome moon sand.

Before we left we visited Papa at the company.

And on our way to the airport, Nicholas got to be the first grandchild to stand where Grammer and Papa's new house will be. 
Ellie was asleep in the car, but Grammer made sure to give her a great big Grandma kiss to wear home.

Thanks again for the fantastic weekend! 


Teresa said...

Miss those darlings already...Thanks again for coming!
Happy Day

Shannon b said...

So so cute! I always loved taking my kids to the nut house when they were this age for fork lift rides, etc. The kiss on Ellie's forehead is adorable - she looks like she knows she is loved. :)