Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Ellie turns three at the end of the month. 
That means I'll have to start paying for her entry to places also.
So we've decided to visit as many museums and attractions as we can before then. 

We're having so much fun, though, that I'm pretty sure we're going to have to keep going even after I have to start paying for her.
There's a new children's museum near our house. We've waited all summer to visit because we knew it would be a madhouse during the summer with all the big kids out of school.

We loved it.
And here's what they looked like before I took away their joy and told them to smile normal:
Nicholas dressed himself this day. It's a super awesome stage.  
I figure any other mom who has had a five-year-old will understand and know that it wasn't my idea for him to wear that.

The whole museum was amazing, but my favorite part?
This genius water table, meant for the babies:

Seriously. We're coming back when my little guy is old enough to sit up, no question.

We also loved the bubble organ: it releases bubbles and lights in these pipes when you press the keys. 
I want one of these in my house. 
A few days before the museum, we went to Farm Land, where we got to pet baby horses, ride ponies, take a wagon ride, feed ducks, learn how milk is packaged, and enjoyed our very own boxes of chocolate milk. 

Look! He's got a normal face on!

Next up: Dinosaur Museum, the Zoo, and probably a few more visits to Farm Land and the children's museum. 
We've got one more week until her birthday. Let's see how many things we can do in it.

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Teresa said...

So much fun...and so wonderful that all those things are so close to you! Happy Day