Tuesday, November 25, 2014

California trip: the hot tub

One of the best parts of the cabin is the hot tub on the back porch. 
There's almost nothing better than settling in and watching the steam rise into a starry night sky peeking between the pines. 

Being pregnant, however, I wasn't able to use the hot tub this time around. Swimsuit doesn't fit, plus it's not really encouraged. (Next time!)
But the kids got their full share of hot tub time.

You have no idea how long it took us to convince Nick to get in.
I think he was afraid it was going to be too hot and burn him.
But we encouraged and encouraged (a great exercise in patience for me!)
until he finally reached his hand in and 
"Oh wow, it is really nice! You were right, Dad! Mom, I like it!"

I wonder if these kids will ever realize that Mom and Dad are indeed a little bit smarter than they are.
 Ellie made this awesome pirate face every time she'd get splashed.

 Teresa, Heidi, and I wrapped up in blankets and sat on the porch while the kids and Kent "swam." More splashing was done than swimming, I think.

 Kent was super dad, putting up with the wiggly bodies and mega splashing.
 Super cool "cheese" face, Ellie.

And steaming-skinned children wrapped in fluffy white towels? Delicious.

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Teresa Andersen said...

Yes indeed nothing better....love all the cute faces you captured!