Sunday, October 19, 2014

afternoon picnic in the canyon

Last Saturday we drove up into our canyon to see the colors.
I'd been watching the trees on the mountainsides all week, and I  knew that this was going to be the perfect time to go.  
I was right. It was incredible.

We took a "picnic" of cheese and crackers, juicy green apples from my uncle's tree, potato (or "tomato" if you're Ellie) chips, and banana pudding for dessert.

After a healthy dose of freak outs when we got there (it was windy, the sun was too bright, their shoes didn't fit right, their jacket zippers weren't done up right, etc...) the kids calmed down and decided it was fun after all.

After we finished our food we took a little walk around the lake, saw lots of doggies, threw rocks into the river, made a mini dam to see if we could stop the water (we couldn't), and found a little lane that made Kent and I want to build a house right there right then.  Can't you just picture a sweet little cabin here, with a cozy porch and a wood-burning fireplace? 
I just love fall.

Nicholas found this gross decaying leaf that he insisted had to be worn on his head.  He said it meant he was a hunter. 
I think the neon orange jacket could have done that well enough without the leaf on his head.

I love this little family of mine. 


Teresa said...

It is so wonderful that you can watch fall from your window and then be able to touch in within minutes....Happy Day

Shannon Brown said...

What a beautiful day to be out and enjoying fall! And I love your pants, your jacket, and your scarf! {sigh}. We are finally dipping into the 70's next week and I'm hopeful that pants are in my near future! :)