Tuesday, October 7, 2014

five year olds are hard to photograph

Some of my recent attempts:

 Visiting a nearby petting zoo/farm.  And look, Ellie's following his example closely.

 They ask me to take a picture of them next to the kool-aid man every time we shop.

And because these are examples of what all of my simply everyday photos of him look like lately, I took him out last night to take some pictures, and I very carefully instructed him to smile nicely, happily, etc. 
This is what I got:
 After about a hundred of these kind of shots, he gave me this sweet, head-tipped loving look. 
I guess I'll take what I can get and maybe next time try to catch him with a picture before he has a chance to "pose." 
Or just keep taking these wacky pictures.  They'll be fun to pull out when he's in high school.

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Shannon Brown said...

Haha! Yep, they are definitely hard to pin down to get a normal smile. Eventually the nice normal smiles will come, but that is only a short window of time because before you know it they turn super awkward and there's no amount of coaching that can help THOSE kind of smiles. These photos are great because they really show off his personality. :)