Tuesday, July 1, 2014

carpet, take 2

On Thursday, we did this again:
It's a party in the dining room!  We can eat breakfast while touching the couches AND the piano! 
Imagine much giggling and climbing and "doghouse" pillow fort building.

We had to got to do this because of these, among others:

 The first install job was horrendous. Really.  
When we finally decided we couldn't take it anymore and called Home Depot, they sent someone out to check it and told us they couldn't believe we'd lived with it for that long.
We're talking gaps, bulges, frizzies, seams, everywhere.

Plus, I wasn't digging the beige on beige on beige look we had going.  It was pretty much exactly what I have been trying to avoid with this home.  
But, since repainting the walls would take me years, 
and Home Depot was replacing our carpet anyway,
we decided to go darker.

 I love it.

Now this is the "Ahh, I love my carpet, come see it everyone!" feeling I'd been missing the first time around.

And as much fun as the kids have when we cram all the furniture into the dining room,
I'm really hoping we don't have to do that again for a long, long time.
Our piano is ridiculously heavy.


plpamlee@gmail.com said...

I am happy they didn't hassle you and it looks awesome even though it was a hassle for you to move everything

Mike and Alli said...

Looks great! I usually think lighter looks better, but I think this is a definite exception!

Shannon b said...

It looks fantastic! And I sure love the darker color. I'm so glad that Home Depot worked with you to replace it all - that is great. Our house desperately needs carpet but the thought of moving all the furniture out of the bedrooms & down the stairs terrifies me! But I do love the comfort & new home feel that comes with new carpet. Enjoy!

Dallin said...

Looks nice and brings back lots of fun "carpet sprawling" memories.