Monday, June 30, 2014

getting it done: dry river bed

 1 visit from Kent's parents, to help us with a house project. (Their very generous and very appreciated Christmas gift.)

5000 + lbs of rock purchased, lifted, moved, and placed. Which seems crazy after all the work we did to remove the rocks that were there before.  But this was the plan all along, believe it or not!  

 Three trips to visit the mumbling clerk at the "Rock Store." (Yep, there's really a place where you can just buy rocks, and yes, he was very hard to understand!)

 Trench dug, weed barrier laid, rocks arranged, wheel barrow purchased (we're big kids now), and load after load after load of river pebbles hauled from the driveway where they'd been dumped.

Plants bought, weed whacker gifted (Happy Birthday, Kent!), plants planted,
more rocks added and arranged

Looks great!  
Next steps:  leveling and filling in the dirt wedge on the left there with grass, adding more rocks at the end by that pine tree to build it up higher like a faux waterfall, more plants, and a sweet little footbridge across the middle.

But for now, we're resting our sore muscles and enjoying it.
Thanks, Mom and Dad, Grammer and Papa, for helping us make a river!

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Shannon b said...

It looks great! Ellie looks adorable in her little spot. I can bet that when you get a bridge set-up, running back and forth over that thing will be the highlight of her day!