Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nicholas and Ellie speak

 This little girl is a talker. And she says some pretty strange things:

Ellie was wearing a superhero blanket cape outside, Sarah asked her if she wanted to touch the ant they found. "Um, so, sorry, but superheroes don't really get along with ants very well." 
Then she turned and walked away.

She asked me what an airport is (She's often asking "what's that mean?" for every new word she hears). I told her it's where planes land and people get on and off. She sat up straight and asked "Does it have meatballs?? Meatballs are mine favorite food."

Ellie, sitting in silence at the table one afternoon. Looks up and asks, “Mommy, what is Pocahontas’s mommy’s name?”
I honestly don't even know. Anyone?

I helped Ellie get her pants on and her underwear was bothering her.  She just kept tugging it off again and yelling “Mine underwears is bonky! Mine underwear bonky!”

Lately Ellie has been finishing every sentence with "there you go, mine majesty."

At Church, Ellie asked me if the man speaking was Jesus. Um, no. "Where is Jesus then?" I told her He lives in heaven. "Oh. Well can we just pretend that man is Jesus?"

While eating lunch at In And Out. Nicholas sighs out of the blue and says "my head's pretty big."

Nicholas was super mad at me because I told him he couldn't have a cookie... He took out a paper and pencil and drew four people on it. Three of them were smiling. He pointed to the fourth and said, "that mean one is you, mommy."
Our family, according to Nicholas. I'm the grumpy one top right.

At Grandma and Grandpa’s house, Nicholas scraped his back while Sarah was helping him get dressed. He wailed and cried and laid down on the floor. He started rolling back and forth and he wailed, “Now I can never walk again! I’m going to have to roll around, forever!

In the car, Ellie said "um so, mommy, I love you twenty days!"
Then Nicholas added, "mom, I love you twenty ways."

I love them too.


Teresa said...

Smiling just smiling all day because of this post =)

heidi said...

super cute!

Creole Wisdom said...

For Ellie,


Looks like her name was Nonoma and she had several children besides Pochontas!