Friday, July 18, 2014

the riverbed

 Just as I'd hoped, our dry riverbed has become one of the kids' favorite places to play, especially in the evenings once the shade reaches it.

Last weekend my mom and my youngest brother, Nathan, came to stay the night. They had to pick up my sister really early in the morning the next day.
We were so glad they got to come and play for the day, though!  Nate took the kids out and played with their little animals in the riverbed.
 While we were out there, a golfer drove past, stopped, and asked me if I ever let my kids watch TV.
"I've come past four times in the last two weeks, and your kids have been out here every day!" he said.

I laughed. 
Yes, my kids do get to watch a little TV each day (Mom needs downtime, for my sanity) 
but, they do spend a lot of time outside.  That's what summer is for, isn't it?


Shannon Brown said...

I'm glad you are enjoying the new river bed! Evenings like this look so perfect! I can just imagine the cool grass, and pleasant evening weather, and your view of course. I have to smile though when I read your comment about playing outside in the summer - yes, that is what you should be doing in the summer! sadly, we spend much of ours cooped up indoors. Such is life in the desert. :)

Teresa said...

What fun...and I spy the bridge.
Happy Day