Wednesday, July 2, 2014

playing with Grammer

 While Kent, his dad, and I were working on the river bed, 
Grammer spent most of the weekend in the playroom.
Playing "cooking." 
 Nicholas owned a restaurant.
The restaurant was named "Come, Come, Come." Fitting.
He'd take their orders (from storybook menus; Are You My Mother and Little Bear)
 Then wait patiently while the food was "cooking."

 He did have to take some complaints. I believe Ellie is explaining here that she asked for apples with her basquetti and meatballs, not corn.

After the unsuspecting patrons enjoyed their food,
Nicholas would throw in the plot twist.

It was poisoned.
And they'd have to die. Or go to jail.

All thirty-five times they played this game.

(Just so you all know, Ellie is wearing what Daddy picked out for her after she'd waited just a little too long to rush to the potty...)

Thanks for coming to play and work, Grammer and Papa!  
It was the best weekend!


Teresa said...

It was fun for me....Happy Day said...

cute stuff

Shannon Brown said...

Oh my goodness! Nicholas cracks me up! Love the poisoned food plot twist - ha! And I love seeing your kids play restaurant. We got rid of our play kitchen last year (too big and no one played with it). But I did keep the play food and dishes so I can pull it out when little friends come over. :)