Sunday, June 29, 2014

family reunion: the pool

Photo by Shannon
Yep, the pool was incredible.

We pretty much spent every single unscheduled hour playing out here.
photo by Shannon
It had the neatest little zero-entry section, which was perfect for the littles.

photo by Shannon
Ellie wasn't really into swimming in the deep part, but she loved the ledge. All day, every day, she was asking us if she could "touch the water, please? Just one little touch?"  

And of course, one little touch always led to more...
photo by Teresa
 All she wanted was to stop taking pictures and just give the water "one little touch."

photo by Teresa
Nicholas swam his little heart out on this trip.  The first day he was hesitant and wouldn't get in the deep part without one of us holding onto him (even with his life jacket.)  The second day we took him out there, tried to help him relax and swim on his own, and finally just had to step back and let go of him to prove that he could float.

A brief moment of panic, then, 
"Hey! I'm swimming!"

From that moment on, he was almost constantly in the pool.  He'd float around (yay for Puddle Jumpers!) and paddle his arms and legs a million miles per minute, yet barely inch forward.
We'll work on efficient swimming techniques later.

Aside from one scary moment when he got into the pool thinking he had his "floaties" on when he actually didn't (thank you, Bree, for saving his life!),
he loved every minute he was in the pool, and he'd stay out there for hours, until we finally forced him to come inside because he was shivering and his lips were turning purple.

Audree (3) waiting at the bottom of the waterslide.

And to prove that Kent and I thoroughly enjoyed the pool as well:
photo by Teresa
Kent and his brothers, waiting to see how long it took Teresa to come take their picture. (about sixty seconds)

Photo by Shannon
Nicholas and me in the cave.

Nicholas has asked me every single day since then when we'll be going back to the "beach house" so he can swim in the pool.
It sure would be nice, Buddy.

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Teresa said...

We loved that pool...and I will be forever grateful to Bree for saving Nicholas!
Happy Day