Friday, June 20, 2014

June date

Our Year of Dates started out strong, with our Reenact Our First Date January and the Art Museum in February,
but March, April, and May...
well, plans changed, babysitters fell through, kids got sick.
Life happened, and those dates either didn't happen or got replaced with simply going out to grab a dessert after we shop Home Depot, etc.

That's just what season of life we are in right now; and I'm okay with that.  The time will come that our babies aren't babies and we can go on dates without hiring a babysitter.  Until then, we'll just enjoy our babies and remember to be flexible.

But, for our date in June, I bought tickets to the Parade of Homes here in our valley, and although it almost didn't happen, my dad was working in the area and stayed at our house on Thursday night.  
He commutes nearly two hours every day for work, and on nights when he works late and has to start early, sometimes he stays at our house. He doesn't have to drive as far, and we get some time with Grandpa. Win-win.

The kids were delighted to have Grandpa stay with them,
and we were just so happy that a date night was finally working out!
 We walked through four homes last night,
some of them were massive. 
Like 15,000+ square feet.  Really, really big. 
Big enough to have an actual arcade room.
I think Kent kinda forgot what we were doing as he played. After several minutes I had to gently peel him away and remind him that we had the rest of the house to see.

 Climbing wall and fireman's pole. In the bedroom. So cool.

 Naturally, Kent's favorite part of all these homes were the theater rooms.  One home had actual movie props from the Harry Potter movies. We may have spent a good twenty minutes in there like complete nerds, amazed that we were standing next to the real Harry Potter broomstick.  

 This is a tiny door in the garage wall that opens directly to the floor of the pantry.  
So you can unload your car and slide your food right into the house.  
Genius.  Complete genius.

We admired the homes, oohed and ahhed at the details, explored hand-in-hand, and both wholeheartedly agreed that we really don't care to ever live in houses that big.

After we finished touring the homes, we stopped at our favorite cupcake place.
Kent purchased the very last Tres Leche Cupcake they had,
and he was a happy man.

We sat in the perfect summer night air, just talking. Just being together, being friends, just us.
 And that's the best part.


Creole Wisdom said...

I've always wanted to go on one of those tours, but agree 100% with you- I don't think I'd care to live in a house so large. Too much responsibility! Isn't it great to feel content?

I'm so glad you had a nice date!

Shannon Brown said...

What a great date! I love touring homes, but I have never done it with Scott.
Glad you were able to get out and enjoy a cupcake too!