Thursday, April 3, 2014


 My girl.
She is delightful.  Laughing, sweet-voiced, hugs and snuggles, princess-tutu-wearing, dancing on her tiptoes, standing on stools to serenade us with "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam," kissing her baby dolls.
Most of the time.
But if she gets hungry....

Tantrums and crying and whining and "pick me up Mommy!" "put me down Mommy!!" "OVER THERE MOMMY!"  Shouts and shrieks and screams.
And if we're not careful, she gets to the point where she's so hungry,
she's so grumpy,
that she feels too grumpy to eat.

Then you'll find us begging her, bribing her, giving into her every whim (chocolate chips? of course! you want to sit on my lap while I'm trying to eat? sure thing. Just put some food in your mouth!), 
just to get some food in that girl's belly so the Hangry (Hungry+Angry) Monster can go away again and we can have our little twirling princess back.

She is not a happy girl in the mornings.  Because she's hungry.  I've contemplated putting cheerios in her mouth to dissolve while she's still sleeping just so we can spike that blood sugar before she wakes, 
but I figure that's probably not a safe idea.
Cheerios sprinkled on her pillow next to her face? Still a possibility.

We joined Nicholas's preschool class on their fieldtrip today.  When we got back, Ellie was borderline Hangry Monster,
but she took matters into her own hands this time and pulled a chair over to the counters where I was trying to make lunch
"MOOVE Mommy!"
found the most giantest spoon we own, 
and started eating the leftover hamburger noodle soup. Before I even had a chance to warm it up.
Then she giggled a little.  Hangry Monster avoided this time.
"Mmm. Deese doodles taste wike a bunny!"   

That's when I shrug and say
whatever, Girl.  As long as you stay a twirling little messy-faced princess, you can eat as many cold "doodles" as you like.

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heidi said...

this is Cole, when he's hungry he's grumpy!!