Wednesday, April 16, 2014

why I didn't want to come home

Picture overload.  But...this place!
I had thought that our visit to Kent's parents' house in the fall was our last--but they're still working on selling it, so we got to visit once again.

Every moment we were there I felt myself just drinking it all in. Soaking my eyes with the greenness, breathing deep.
There's nothing but quiet and peace, serenity, and freedom and the air smells so alive and crisp.  

I really didn't want to come home.  
I just have to keep reminding myself that summer in Utah will come eventually, right?


Mariley Johnson said...

Beautiful there!

Shannon Brown said...

Fantastic photos, Becca! I too love the feeling and sights and smells and sounds there. So wonderfully quiet and relaxing.

Teresa said...

Becca you capture some wonderful photos-
We love having you guys visit.
Happy Day

Savanah said...

Looks like such a beautiful spring break. Your photography skills are incredible! So talented!